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Application of Aluminum Foil in Food Packaging

Application of Aluminum Foil in Food Packaging

Jul 19,2022
Over 90% of all food sold in Western Europe is packaged. Packaging not only protects food from spoilage and contamination but is often chosen to improve the appearance and thus appeal to a wider target group of products.

The benefits of packaging food

Aluminum foil packaging is lightweight, flexible, and easy to recycle. In addition, it is hygienic, non-toxic, and helps maintain the aroma of food. It keeps food fresh for a long time and provides protection from light, UV radiation, grease, water vapor, oxygen, and microorganisms.

Also, take a look at the following advantages:

Aluminum foil only reacts to high concentrations of acids and alkalis, otherwise, it has strong corrosion resistance

Aluminum foil is sterile and therefore hygienic

Aluminum foil is tasteless and tasteless

Aluminum foil is extremely dimensionally stable even in a soft state

Aluminum foil can be recycled many times without loss of quality

Aluminum foil does not absorb liquids

Despite claims to the contrary, aluminum foil in food packaging is generally not harmful to health. Acidic or salty food should not be in direct contact with aluminum, and aluminum layer composite film can be used.

Efficient storage of food and beverages in aluminum packaging reduces the need for cooling and makes spoilage slower. In addition, aluminum's light weight reduces the energy required during transportation.

Foils and laminates are ideal for the production of the following packaging:

Coffee and tea

Instant drink

Jams and pies

Snacks, cookies, and peanuts

Sausage and jerky

Condensed soup

Baby food

Ready-to-eat meals and preserves

Which aluminum foil is suitable for which product?

Depending on its thickness, aluminum foil can be used in a variety of food packaging.

Aluminum foil from 10 to 12 microns is ideal for chocolate and confectionery, while aluminum foils from 30 to 38 microns are used in the dairy industry, such as for packaging desserts, puddings, and yogurt. However, for jams and pies, 50-70µm foil is the right choice.

The current trend is for foils to be thinner and thinner due to cost reductions. In chocolate packaging, the thickness of the packaging alone has declined by around 30% over the past two decades. Currently, the average thickness of the chocolate foil is between 7-15µm, which is smaller than the diameter of human hair.

The above details the application of aluminum foil in food packaging. If you want to know more or buy aluminum foil, please contact us.

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Which to choose Aluminum foil coated PE or Metalized pet film coated PE ?

It depends on what product to be made in final procedure. Aluminum foil coated pe is with at least 97% reflectivity, it can be bonded to EPE foam but also most of time for laminated with bubble. Metalized pet film coated PE with lower reflectivity ,but it is with strong surface.

I am a insulated liner/bag manufacturer,what product do you suggest?

There maybe bubble lamination machines and heating pressure lamination machines in your factory, we suggest Aluminum foil 7mic+PE20mic, and Metalized PET film12mic+PE15mic.

If i would like to get a quote ,what information shall i need to know first?

You are request to telling application, material structure,thickness and roll width and quantity.

What is the MOQ and how is packaging?

MOQ is 1000kgs for each product, packaging depends on roll size, common width is 1200mm and 1500mm, length are 4000m to 5000m per roll. Rolls can be vertically packed on pallet also accept to do horizontal suspending packaging.

Is this product by wet lamination or by dry lamination?

Both wet lamination line(extrusion coating) and dry lamination line(glue coating) are equiped in our Pengyuan group.

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