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Explore the Different Types of Aluminum Foil and Their Uses

Explore the Different Types of Aluminum Foil and Their Uses

Nov 8,2022
aluminum foil
All of us have seen foil rolls, but do you know what other uses it has? It's not just something used to wrap food. Today, aluminum foil can come in handy to solve many of the problems that arise in your everyday home.

Food can be heated directly in the microwave. It can be converted into a foil container to store food, or if you're planning a picnic, it can be converted into a disposable food container or disposable cutlery.

There are many types of aluminum foil that can solve all of these problems. One of the best properties of aluminum foil is that it is recyclable, so it is a versatile product in the kitchen. About 75% of the aluminum foil produced is used for packaging food and chemical products, and the rest is used for industrial purposes. In addition to these uses, aluminum foil is also used for scrubbing, sharpening objects, and polishing surfaces. It can also be molded into any shape foil container as the desired baking pan. See how aluminum foil can come in handy to make your life easier.

1: Aluminum Foil Container

The insulating properties, malleability, and recyclability of aluminum foil make it an ideal choice for aluminum foil containers that can be used to store food. In addition, these aluminum food containers are odorless and moisture resistant; they can be used for baking, grilling, and heating directly in the microwave, and they are very conductive.

2: Household Foil

As already mentioned, these everyday household foils are versatile and can solve many problems around the home. These can be used to soften brown sugar, make baking sheets of different shapes, polish silverware, and keep them from discoloring. These household foils can also be used to sharpen scissors, secure loose connections, and prevent dripping. These foils can also be converted into almost any type of disposable tableware.

3: Laminated Cover

Aluminum lids are useful when wrapping food and can be used to cover aluminum foil containers for safe shipping. Most small grocery stores as well as larger restaurants use foil lids for takeout food. These lids are grease-proof and provide protection from steam and oxygen, keeping food healthy and nutritious for longer.

4: Aluminum Foil Lined Bag

You may be familiar with the misuse of foil-lined bags known as shoplifting. These bags provide electromagnetic wave protection and can easily sweep away items. This type of bag has been used by thieves since time immemorial, especially from retail stores. This bag is also great for storing food as it has all the properties of aluminum foil to keep food warm and fresh.

5: Chocolate Foil

We all know the familiar sound of opening the chocolate foil. Paint and emboss the inner lining of the paper to make this paper look more attractive and provide protection against loss.

6: Aluminum Foil Round Seal

These foil seals are commonly used in pickle and ghee jars and lubricant packs. Foil seals can also be used to decorate gift tags, books, and cards and are very easy to print. As we have seen, aluminum foil is not only popular for industrial and professional use, but also comes in handy for various domestic uses. So, if you are looking for a solution to your kitchen problems, aluminum foil may be the answer to all your kitchen problems.

The above briefly introduces some uses of aluminum foil. If you want to buy aluminum foil, please contact us.

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Which to choose Aluminum foil coated PE or Metalized pet film coated PE ?

It depends on what product to be made in final procedure. Aluminum foil coated pe is with at least 97% reflectivity, it can be bonded to EPE foam but also most of time for laminated with bubble. Metalized pet film coated PE with lower reflectivity ,but it is with strong surface.

I am a insulated liner/bag manufacturer,what product do you suggest?

There maybe bubble lamination machines and heating pressure lamination machines in your factory, we suggest Aluminum foil 7mic+PE20mic, and Metalized PET film12mic+PE15mic.

If i would like to get a quote ,what information shall i need to know first?

You are request to telling application, material structure,thickness and roll width and quantity.

What is the MOQ and how is packaging?

MOQ is 1000kgs for each product, packaging depends on roll size, common width is 1200mm and 1500mm, length are 4000m to 5000m per roll. Rolls can be vertically packed on pallet also accept to do horizontal suspending packaging.

Is this product by wet lamination or by dry lamination?

Both wet lamination line(extrusion coating) and dry lamination line(glue coating) are equiped in our Pengyuan group.

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