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Application of PE Coated Aluminum Foil

Application of PE Coated Aluminum Foil

May 24,2023
Aluminum Foil
Aluminum foil is a thin sheet made of aluminum metal. It is commonly used in packaging, insulation, and cooking due to its excellent thermal conductivity, barrier properties, and flexibility. When coated with polyethylene, aluminum foil gains additional functionality and becomes even more valuable in a wide range of applications. So let's dig in and discover the exciting possibilities of this innovative material.

What is Aluminum Foil?

Aluminum foil is a flexible sheet of metal less than 0.2mm thick. It is produced by rolling aluminum ingots under high pressure until they are thin and malleable. The resulting foil has a shiny surface on one side and is highly reflective, moisture-resistant, light-, gas-, and odor-tight.

Coating aluminum foil with polyethylene involves laminating a layer of PE to the surface of the aluminum foil. This coating process enhances the performance of the foil and introduces new properties that make it suitable for specific applications. The PE layer provides a protective barrier, increases the foil's tensile strength, and adds flexibility and durability to the material.

Aluminum Foil PE Coating Benefits

Aluminum foil coated with PE offers several advantages that make it an excellent choice for a wide variety of industries. Here are some advantages:

1. Enhanced Barrier Properties

The combination of aluminum foil and PE coating creates an effective barrier against moisture, oxygen, light, and other environmental factors. This barrier helps preserve product quality and freshness, making it ideal for food packaging and pharmaceutical applications.

2. Excellent Thermal Insulation

The PE coating on the foil adds an extra layer of insulation that improves the foil's heat resistance. This characteristic makes it useful in applications such as flexible piping and reflective insulation, where thermal insulation or insulation is critical.

3. Excellent Flexibility

The polyethylene layer enhances the flexibility of the foil, allowing it to adapt to different shapes and contours. This flexibility makes it suitable for wrapping and covering irregular objects, ensuring safe packing and protection.

4. Chemical Resistance

PE coatings are resistant to chemicals, solvents, and oils and are suitable for pharmaceutical packaging and other industries requiring protection from aggressive substances.

5. Conductivity

Aluminum foil coated with PE retains its electrical conductivity, making it valuable in applications requiring electrical grounding or electromagnetic shielding.


The applications of PE-coated aluminum foil are wide and varied. Let's explore some key areas where this material excels:

Food Pack

Aluminum foil coated with PE is widely used in the food industry for packaging various products. It provides an effective barrier against moisture, oxygen, and light, ensuring the freshness and shelf life of perishable goods. Whether packaging chocolate, airtight coffee capsules, or packaging ready-to-eat foods, PE-coated aluminum foil is a reliable choice and a cost-effective solution.

Flexible Pipe

The flexibility and insulating properties of PE-coated aluminum foil make it ideal for use in flexible piping systems. The material helps maintain consistent airflow and temperature control in HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems. It ensures efficient ventilation and minimizes energy loss.


Aluminum foil coated with PE is usually used as insulation material. Its ability to reflect radiant heat and provide a moisture barrier makes it suitable for insulating buildings, pipes, and other structures. The material helps regulate temperature, saves energy, and improves overall insulation efficiency.

Medicine Package

In the pharmaceutical industry, aluminum foil coated with PE is used for packaging medicines and medical devices. The material ensures the integrity and safety of pharmaceutical products by providing a reliable barrier against moisture, light, and contamination. It helps extend the shelf life of medicines and maintain their potency.

Reflective Insulation

Reflective insulation is critical to controlling heat transfer in buildings and industrial applications. The PE-coated aluminum foil acts as a radiation barrier, reflecting heat away from the structure. It helps reduce energy consumption, improves thermal comfort, and enhances overall insulation.

Environmental Impact

The use of PE-coated aluminum foils raises important considerations about their environmental impact. There are two aspects to consider here:


Aluminum foil coated with PE is recyclable provided it is properly segregated from other materials. Recycling aluminum helps conserve resources, reduce energy consumption, and minimize landfill waste. Promoting recycling practices and raising awareness of the importance of responsible waste management is crucial.


While aluminum is a valuable and recyclable material, the production process does require energy and resources. It is important for manufacturers to implement sustainable practices, such as using recycled aluminum and minimizing waste during production. Furthermore, advances in technology and research can further improve the environmental footprint of PE-coated aluminum foils.

In Conclusion

Aluminum foil coated with PE has a wide range of applications and benefits in various industries. Its enhanced barrier properties, thermal insulation capabilities, flexibility, and electrical conductivity make it a versatile and valuable material. From food packaging to insulation and pharmaceutical applications, PE-coated aluminum foil plays a vital role in maintaining product quality, ensuring energy efficiency, and protecting valuables. As we move forward, sustainable practices and responsible recycling must be prioritized to minimize the environmental impact associated with this material.

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Which to choose Aluminum foil coated PE or Metalized pet film coated PE ?

It depends on what product to be made in final procedure. Aluminum foil coated pe is with at least 97% reflectivity, it can be bonded to EPE foam but also most of time for laminated with bubble. Metalized pet film coated PE with lower reflectivity ,but it is with strong surface.

I am a insulated liner/bag manufacturer,what product do you suggest?

There maybe bubble lamination machines and heating pressure lamination machines in your factory, we suggest Aluminum foil 7mic+PE20mic, and Metalized PET film12mic+PE15mic.

If i would like to get a quote ,what information shall i need to know first?

You are request to telling application, material structure,thickness and roll width and quantity.

What is the MOQ and how is packaging?

MOQ is 1000kgs for each product, packaging depends on roll size, common width is 1200mm and 1500mm, length are 4000m to 5000m per roll. Rolls can be vertically packed on pallet also accept to do horizontal suspending packaging.

Is this product by wet lamination or by dry lamination?

Both wet lamination line(extrusion coating) and dry lamination line(glue coating) are equiped in our Pengyuan group.

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